So what is Marketing?

Marketing 101 refers to the “4P’s”: Product, Promotion, Price, and Place. OK. So, what really is marketing? Put simply, marketing is a dynamic combined effort that leads consumers and businesses to “buy something”. It may be easier to define marketing by what it is not. It is not one specific action. It is a combination of tools available to businesses to ultimately build sales. Our slogan, “Your Image is Our Focus!”, means a lot to our team at Paradise Photo and Design. We strive to provide you with the best possible quality photographs and portraits, powerful web design, personal service that far exceeds your expectations, and a marketing strategy that will lead your success into the future. We approach every project as if the future of our business depended on it, because, it does!

Your website is your home on the internet.

Our mission is to build your website on a “responsive” framework that is compatible with several types of devices and is expandable in the future. Its architecture should be solid, yet contemporary, and attractive to your target market. Professional photographs, branding, videos, art, dynamic client forms, and content make your web “house” a “home”. They are like quality windows, doors, roofing, siding, landscaping, etc. Ignoring these critical elements can cheapen your website and quickly make it unattractive and inefficient. Also, they are the most proficient means to differentiate your business. There’s no room in customers’ minds for generic, cookie-cutter websites. Even the most beautiful website (or other marketing tool) will be helpless without the support of a comprehensive marketing strategy. It would be like a majestic gallery or museum that no one knows about or cannot find. Our team at Paradise Photo and Design will help you from the start! A marketing campaign does not need to be intimidating or expensive. It’s a matter of beginning with market research, knowing what tools are available (i.e. brochures, rack cards, business cards, ad campaigns, copywriting, logo design, art, public relations, etc.), selecting tools that best fit your market, designing the tools, and then implementing them in an organized way. Also, we can help promote your website with search engine optimization (S.E.O.), management, and integration with social media tools (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, etc., etc.). Finally, we can help you monitor the success of your marketing efforts through testing, surveys, and online analytics.

Recent News

Palms + Cliff + (Beautiful) House (in Paradise) = PRICELESS!




Click this link: Enjoy the Palms Cliff House Inn! to go on a virtual video tour of our featured property, The Palms Cliff House Inn Bed & Breakfast on the magnificent Hamakua Coast of the Big Island of Hawai'i!


We photographed The Palms Cliff House Inn for our friend, Robert Williams, Vice President of Clark Realty Corporation.  It is definitely a dream property: a fantastic Victorian design home with a separate wing with eight magnificent rooms.  It is currently operated as Hawaii’s #1 Bed and Breakfast!  Check out his listing at:  

Professional interior, exterior, and aerial photography by Paradise Photo and Design will help your property sell faster! We have our own FAA Certified Remote Pilot and we serve the Big Island of Hawaii and Beyond! Our award-winning team of professionals are ready to serve you! Give us a call (808.982.3858) or an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), today to schedule your appointment.


Your Image Is Our FocusLet us help you make your business look its very best. We want to help your business grow, because stronger businesses make stronger communities. Design, photography, and marketing are our passions. Treating your company as unique, with the utmost level of respect, and helping it grow is our purpose.

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